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Gene Cartwright - Publishing Seminar

Presented by Falcon Creek & Pulitzer-Nominated Author.

A 5-hour, Working Seminar/Class (24 max. per session).
Presentation Includes Meal and Materials.

Bring your laptop, manuscripts, ideas, and questions.
Leave informed, inspired, and with resources you need.

When Ready, We Will Get You Published
by a Recognized Publisher.


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We recognized that there are tens of thousands of individuals with amazing stories to tell—books to write. But where does one start?

Falcon Creek Book Publishing Seminars
Publish Your Own Print and eBooks.

It is amazing how simple it is, and how much you know that can be shared with others.

Regardless of your background or experience,
you have a print and or eBook or books within you. Get them out, now!

  • Ask yourself: “What do I know?”
  • You need not already have a completed manuscript
  • You have information, work or life experience that will benefit others
  • You do not need to write a “War and Peace—length work.
  • Learn what you need to know to take advantage of your knowledge.
  • Learn How to go from Idea to draft to final edit to Published Book
  • Write a book about your family, about your life, about growing up, about some tragedy you overcame, about something that inspires, explore your imagination.
  • Our seminars are a 5 hour, hands-on working session
  • Bring your laptop, your writing pad, your notes, your ideas, your questions.
  • We will pull no punches.
  • Do you have a book you think is ready?
  • Unsure of where to start or what to do next?
  • What comes next?
  • How do I build, maintain and promote a web site that uses social media?
  • You will leave inspired, informed, and ready to answer the big question: “Do I want to be an author?”
  • Includes an email followup and a locked-in tuition for a additional class attendance.

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Our seminars are personally conducted by author Gene Cartwright. The Pulitzer-nominated author of ten books, and former Oprah guest has a wealth of information and priceless advice.



Meet our Guest Speaker -
Authors who have not only been instructed but published:
Carrie Cartwright, (Texas)
or Daniel McLaurin III, in (California)

Harvesting Our Days | 32 Minutes of Greatness

Harvesting Our Days 32Min_3D_3

Carrie: A first-time author, who has an amazing story to tell about her life, and of how her newly released book,
“Harvesting Our Days” is so inspiring and instructive for us all.

Daniel McLaurin III, whose
32 Minutes of Greatness is an inspiring true story of Durham, North Carolina’s Hillside High School’s 1965 Championship Basketball team. and 50 years of history only now being discovered.

Learn more about Gene by visiting his websites: GeneCartwright.com, ReadyForFilm.com, and AFamilyGathering.com., GreenLightThis.com

  • Not just a lecture
  • No up-sell
  • Nothing to buy.
  • Limited seating on “first registered, first served” basis.(includes snack for morning or afternoon session.
  • ALL participants get FREE MEMBERSHIP in our Author Network
  • ALL participants get FREE evaluation for publishing of their completed work by FALCON CREEK BOOKS.
  • We guarantee publishing for qualifying books.
  • Once you’re published, we’ll show you how to get your print, eBook, and audiobook in online bookstores
  • Show you how to produce your eBook in a flash.
  • Show you how to promote your book

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Our 5-hour seminars are marathon hands-on, results oriented sessions for those we are SERIOUS about getting published:

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OUR PROMISE: If at the end of the Seminar, you do not feel you have been helped, and say so publicly. We’ll refund your money.

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